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From the beginning of humanity to our days, the amulets make life a bit easier for us, since the need to protect ourselves using amulets and talismans has always been a constant in the history of humanity. This is probably due to the fact that men, from their origins, have not lacked motives that have put their fragility to the test.

The positive aspect of having an amulet is its influence on our subconscious: Only by having faith in its possibilities can we obtain results, although for optimal results it must be duly consecrated by a specialist.
There are some amulets and talismans that for whatever reason, have proven to be, really, true protective elements and benefactors of good luck, abundance and even love.
These protective elements are widely recognized and sought after for their magical properties.

The function of these talismans is to attract on the people who carry them the protection of the Universal energies. They act as magical magnets attracting the positivity present in the cosmic order to compensate for any energy imbalance caused by an excess of negativity. They are condensers of fluid, human and cosmic forces, making you enjoy the favors that you attract, channeling your thoughts.

In turn they are also used to ward off disease and bad luck, that is bad energy.
Although for most people amulets and talismans are the same, both have different meanings and also the materials with which they are made.


It is a word that is derived from Persian. It is a unique piece for a unique individual; It is personal and non-transferable. The talisman is a figure or adornment that has inexplicable connotations in our perception as we touch it or observe it, it contains by itself some type of power that the bearer uses for his benefit. It is usually made with precious metals and precious or semi-precious stones, and is also designed, structured and manufactured based on previous, very specific knowledge of the person who will take it with them. Some examples are the Christian cross, the pentacle, the eye of horus, among others.


The word amulet comes from the Latin aamuleta, in turn derived from amoliri (to separate, to move away), it serves to designate objects to which the property of librar is attributed to the person who takes them, either of pains or illnesses, or of cases unfortunate, in short, bad energies. In its preparation, materials from nature are usually used. An amulet can be anything, any object in which we have placed our trust and our energies to achieve a specific purpose. An amulet can be among the classics: the rabbit’s foot, the horseshoe, the four-leaf clover, among others. It can also be an amulet something that we trust brings us good luck such as: a shirt, a ring, a pin, socks, etc. It can also be stones, quartz, magic metals, bags made by oneself.

The only thing that is necessary for an amulet or a talisman to work is to consecrate it, or what is the same, to load it with the energy that we want to project, to “insert” our intention, and to have faith.

TO CONSECRATE THEM properly one needs a great power of concentration and to load the energy object with a ritual, but personalizing it for the objective and the person to whom it will be destined.

The magical objects consecrated in this way will be of maximum effectiveness, but only for you.

As a psychic and psychic I can consecrate these and other PERSONALIZED ESOTERIC PRODUCTS for each specific objective, and thus be efficient and truly help you.



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