Física cuántica y videncia

23 Apr

Parece que por fin una parte de la ciencia oficial se atreve a enfocar la física cuántica desde un punto de vista digamos, más espiritual.

Aunque ya hemos hablado sobre esto en anteriores post como ciencia y esoterismo ,considero importantes estos conceptos para tratar el esoterismo y la videncia como algo no meramente supersticioso.

Los átomos no tienen estructura física, porque de lo que están hechos en realidad es de energía invisible, no de materia tangible.Esa idea, la de que somos energía, es uno de los pilares que configuran la conexión entre la física cuántica y la espiritualidad y de lo que habló el Dalai Lama.

La física cuántica nos demuestra que más allá de todo lo tangible y material lo que hay es energía. El budismo siempre ha defendido esa idea y esa necesidad, la de trascender a lo físico para dar mayor relevancia a nuestra conciencia. Al fin y al cabo, es esa impronta psíquica la que da sentido y forma a la propia realidad. Somos lo que pensamos, y es el propio pensamiento el que diseña lo que nos envuelve.

Tenemos una mente creadora.

Amit Goswani, el profesor de física en la universidad de Oregón antes citado nos indica que el comportamiento de las micropartículas cambia dependiendo de lo que hace el observador. Cuando un observador mira aparece un tipo de onda, cuando el experimentador no actúa, no hay cambio.Todo ello demuestra lo sensibles que son los átomos ante cada cosa que hacemos. El budismo, ha incidido siempre en ese mismo aspecto: nuestras emociones y pensamientos nos definen y definen la realidad que nos envuelve.

En definitiva, todo el universo es energía, tanto lo que percibimos como lo que no, y presente, pasado y futuro se entremezclan ya que el tiempo no es lineal como lo apreciamos. En cada decisión que tomamos y por cada acontecimiento se divide nuestro camino en diferentes caminos o realidades paralelas, de las que solo percibimos una. De ahí que con un sentido especial que algunos tenemos y hemos desarrollado a base de trabajo, podamos acceder a esta información, y ayudar en las decisiones a tomar a veces nada fáciles, en nuestra vida.

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21 Dec

To make tonight, since on December 21 from time immemorial has been celebrated in all cultures of the world the winter solstice. Later Christianity derived it in Christmas, and many elements such as the tree and the 5-pointed star were already used in these pagan celebrations.
As I say, this is a good night to open the door to magic and hope and be able to fulfill our wishes.

-5 peeled garlic cloves.
– a glass of water
– a white candle
– A sheet of paper
– a wooden pencil

After midnight we write on the paper five wishes, numbering them from 1 to 5. Then we write on each of the cloves of garlic a number also from 1 to 5. We light the candle and place it next to a glass of water , on a table near an open window or similar. Under the candle we put the paper with the wishes, which we will fold, and we will also put the garlic around the glass, leaving everything until the candle is consumed. We will concentrate and say these words:
“May the energy of the universe focus on my desires while this candle is consumed, so that they may be fulfilled”

We will wash that night or the next day with water from the glass, saying:
“May this water blessed by the universe free me from bad energy, so that my wishes are fulfilled.
We wrap the garlic and paper in a piece of white cloth and keep it hidden in a dark place where no one can touch it. As the garlic goes rotting our wishes will be fulfilled.
Do not forget that the most important thing in a ritual is “give it a mind” or conjure it up. You can turn to me if you want my professional services.



13 Nov



From the beginning of humanity to our days, the amulets make life a bit easier for us, since the need to protect ourselves using amulets and talismans has always been a constant in the history of humanity. This is probably due to the fact that men, from their origins, have not lacked motives that have put their fragility to the test.

The positive aspect of having an amulet is its influence on our subconscious: Only by having faith in its possibilities can we obtain results, although for optimal results it must be duly consecrated by a specialist.
There are some amulets and talismans that for whatever reason, have proven to be, really, true protective elements and benefactors of good luck, abundance and even love.
These protective elements are widely recognized and sought after for their magical properties.

The function of these talismans is to attract on the people who carry them the protection of the Universal energies. They act as magical magnets attracting the positivity present in the cosmic order to compensate for any energy imbalance caused by an excess of negativity. They are condensers of fluid, human and cosmic forces, making you enjoy the favors that you attract, channeling your thoughts.

In turn they are also used to ward off disease and bad luck, that is bad energy.
Although for most people amulets and talismans are the same, both have different meanings and also the materials with which they are made.


It is a word that is derived from Persian. It is a unique piece for a unique individual; It is personal and non-transferable. The talisman is a figure or adornment that has inexplicable connotations in our perception as we touch it or observe it, it contains by itself some type of power that the bearer uses for his benefit. It is usually made with precious metals and precious or semi-precious stones, and is also designed, structured and manufactured based on previous, very specific knowledge of the person who will take it with them. Some examples are the Christian cross, the pentacle, the eye of horus, among others.


The word amulet comes from the Latin aamuleta, in turn derived from amoliri (to separate, to move away), it serves to designate objects to which the property of librar is attributed to the person who takes them, either of pains or illnesses, or of cases unfortunate, in short, bad energies. In its preparation, materials from nature are usually used. An amulet can be anything, any object in which we have placed our trust and our energies to achieve a specific purpose. An amulet can be among the classics: the rabbit’s foot, the horseshoe, the four-leaf clover, among others. It can also be an amulet something that we trust brings us good luck such as: a shirt, a ring, a pin, socks, etc. It can also be stones, quartz, magic metals, bags made by oneself.

The only thing that is necessary for an amulet or a talisman to work is to consecrate it, or what is the same, to load it with the energy that we want to project, to “insert” our intention, and to have faith.

TO CONSECRATE THEM properly one needs a great power of concentration and to load the energy object with a ritual, but personalizing it for the objective and the person to whom it will be destined.

The magical objects consecrated in this way will be of maximum effectiveness, but only for you.

As a psychic and psychic I can consecrate these and other PERSONALIZED ESOTERIC PRODUCTS for each specific objective, and thus be efficient and truly help you.






22 Oct

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19 Jul

“The day that science begins to study

non-physical phenomena,

will make more progress in a decade

that in all the previous centuries

of its existence. ” Nikola Tesla.

I think there is no better way to start this post, than this quote from N.Tesla.

Although it may not seem like it, since it is not given the importance it deserves in my opinion, many scientists have tried hard and strive to investigate the so-called “paranormal”. Such is the case of Russell Targ, physicist and author, pioneer in the development of laser applications, and co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) of psychic abilities in the seventies and eighties.

Targ holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Queens University and did his graduate degree in physics at Columbia University.

He has received important national awards such as the Aeronautics and Space Administration for inventions and contributions to lasers and laser communications, but also in the 80s he made demonstrations of remote vision and other psychic abilities.

He is the author or co-author of nine books on the scientific research of psychic abilities and Buddhist approaches to the transformation of consciousness, highlighting his works:

Mental Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability (with E. Harold Puthoff, 1977, 2005)
Miracles of the mind: exploring non-local consciousness and spiritual healing (with Jane Katra, 1998)
Unlimited Mind: A Guide for Remote Viewing and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004)
You see what I see? Memories of a blind cyclist, in 2008. It is an autobiography.
The Reality of ESP – A Test of Psychic Skills of a Physicist
As expected, some of the most interesting TED talks (technology, entertainment and fun) are canceled from the network, as is the case of “The War on Consciousness” by author Graham Hancock, and the book by scientist Rupert was also banned Sheldrake, titled “The Science Delusion.”

When it comes to issues within the domains of parapsychology, they are often fiercely opposed to the belief systems of many, despite existing scientific publications, which expose research with fascinating results.

However, the CIA and other agencies around the world have devoted decades of research to study this issue in depth, which shows the reality.

Some of the demonstrated achievements in terms of remote viewing by Russel, described by his own words are:

“In this $ 25 million program we used ‘remote viewing’ to find a Russian bomber shot down in North Africa, so President Carter congratulated us.

We found an American general kidnapped in Italy and the car in which they kidnapped Patricia Hearst. We observed the American hostages in Iran, and predicted their imminent release, which were soon sent to Germany.

We describe a Russian arms factory in Siberia, which led to an investigation by the US Congress. UU About the weakness in US security, etc.

Our scientific findings were published in The Proc, IEEE, Proc. AAAS, and in Proc. American Institute of Physics. I thought that a TED audience would find this material recently declassified interesting.

And no physics would be damaged in my presentation. ”

In spite of everything, and as I already say in my post esotericism and hypocrisy, the esoteric sciences are always ridiculed and hidden to be only used by a few, who are really the ones who manage everything in this world.

Russel’s latest contribution is “Espías del Tercer Ojo”, a documentary film by award-winning director Lance Mungia.

The film consists of compelling film recreations of real remote views made at the Stanford Research Institute for intelligence agencies.

This includes surprising new data retrieved from recently declassified documents through the Freedom of Information Act, and more than 30 interviews with each of the main players involved and how those discoveries are being used today.

Whether parapsychology is used to find the keys to your house, earn money on Wall Street, read keywords on an NSA secret site, spy on foreign embassies or find a kidnapped general or terrorist, the possibilities are endless.

Russell explained that:

“The evidence of additional sensory perception is overwhelming and shows a talent that we all share and deserve to know, leaving us not only with an understanding of this unique and forgotten chapter in US history, but perhaps more importantly, a greater understanding of who we are ”

All this shows that clairvoyance exists and that we all possess it to a greater or lesser degree. Some luckily or unfortunately we have developed it without having made an effort in it and others, who are the majority have it.



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4 Jul

Our mind, despite being a powerful tool that we possess, unfortunately is usually our biggest enemy, as I already explained in my post “our sixth sense or intuition”.

We can easily deduce it by meditating on how we react to external stimuli according to the mental programming we have, depending not only on the cultural environment where we have been raised, but above all on learning from past experiences. And that is the problem, that we live literally in the past, because that past the mind does not interpret it as such, but as the now.

I will give an example. When we suffered a trauma in our childhood, such as school bullying or humiliation in any other environment, we were able to react to it in many ways, such as, for example, humiliating other weaker ones. This is not the correct reaction, but it is the one that we have learned mentally, and as our mind lives in that past every time we feel humiliated or hurt as adults we react by paying it with the least guilty of it, in our environment or family. This is automatic and instantaneous, without us having time to think about it, and the worst thing is that we do not even analyze it once the fact has passed, in order to change it.

Another example that shows that we live in the past is how we feel distressed and feel bad when we remember a traumatic experience of the past, even though it happened many years ago. Why do we feel bad if that has already happened and nothing can change or avoid? … Because for our subconscious that is happening now, in the present, and therefore we even react physically with sweat or stomach pain for example, and Just for remembering something past !! Is not it really stupid?

If we lived in the present in all aspects, and were innocent observers of what happens in this our reality, which we are continuously creating, we would change the reactions that we do not like about us, and with it all that reality, and ultimately our world It would be much better for us and therefore for everyone …

It is not easy, but it is the only way, control your mind and your thoughts, and KNOW YOURSELF, to change what you do not like and reach that peace of spirit that you so long for.

I recommend on this topic the reading of “The power of now” by E. Tole. and my post “The importance of a positive attitude”.

Time is not really linear as we perceive it on this plane, but past, present and future take place at the same time, and it varies depending on the paths we choose. Maybe that’s why there is clairvoyance, and we can glimpse part of the future that happens, within this non-linear time.


I do not choose what I see, but I can see things to help you on your way.