23 Feb

Although I already touched on this topic in my post about moorings of love, I think it is important to take it up again, because as I said before, 90% of my questions are about sentimental relationships.

First indicate, so that no one is fooled, that although the so-called moorings of love exist and work, they serve to create in the recipient of the work a sexual attraction or emotional dependence towards another person, but it will never provoke true feelings of love, although we do not always know how to differentiate one from the other. These spells, used since time immemorial and sometimes transferred from generation to generation, usually rely on using substances such as menstrual blood or urine, for example, so that by doing a specific ritual for it, cause in the mind of the recipient a dependence on the type that I said before to the other person. That said, it is obvious that it will only work for a time, given the intensity or frequency with which the spell is repeated, and the mental vulnerability of the recipient, but it will never make a couple stay together indefinitely or repeat again, it will provoke true feelings of love between them.

Sometimes, and especially in times of crisis of a couple, these moorings can cause infidelity and estrangement, making confuse the feelings between them that can be true. This is where I usually enter, breaking those ties on the one hand, and on the other doing sweetening spell, so that the couple will recover harmony again.

These spells are also very useful to regain the magic that once was and that by life circumstances and carelessness, which is usually the fatal error that is committed, has been lost in the couple.

On the other hand, a spell of detachment is very good for the person who is using these mooring techniques, and thus stop influencing the mind or desire of his victim, and interfere in his love life.

Although it may sound like a joke, being a victim of a mooring can completely break a true and important relationship in our lives, of what we can regret for the rest of our days.

I as a psychic and specialist in these issues because I help you with your problem ..


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