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10 Jan

I believe that one of the transcendental questions that we have all raised at some point in our lives, in the existence of God, and more than that, God of the children that we have spoken since childhood, whose name and characteristics depend on the place of the planet and the cultural or family environment in which we have been raised, is the only one facing the others.

Any thinking mind can question why it has to be my god? And the other that they follow or in which millions of people believe?

The simplest answer is the same with different names, and that man has created religions to adapt precisely to God and his “instructions” to each culture. This is very simple to be true, more so when there are even non-monotheistic religions.

What if all the gods of all the different religions and mythologies really existed? What if they were discussing control of our planet and its inhabitants forever, even agreeing with each other? See the movie “Jupiter ascending”

A god is a superior being, and if any of us with our technology comes before a prehistoric people, we consider it safe, God.

Imagine that through a projection or hologram, we manifest ourselves before the leader of this primitive town, making believe that he is the chosen one and with a recommendation of instructions. Is not it easy to manipulate it?

How many manifestations of the gods, according to tradition and religion have had a long history, even on the battlefield, encouraging or helping one side or the other? How many wars, attacks and barbarisms in the name of God?

I leave the questions here only for everyone to think about and draw their conclusions.

I believe that all the loved ones can be found in the universe, and there are many things that can not be skipped.


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