22 Jan

Many of us had heard about the so-called “energetic vampires”, alluding to certain beings that absorbed us or stole our vital energy. Are there such beings? that there is no need to complain that they do, and that they do not necessarily have to be monstrous beings or demons.

All of us in our daily life, we know or we meet people who infect you with joy and desire to live, but unfortunately it is not frequent. On the other hand, we also know people with whom we do not like to share anything and with whom without knowing why, we do not feel comfortable and even make us feel bad. As I say in my post about our sixth sense or intuition, we should look more at our sensations, and applying to this issue, we should stay away from people who make us feel that way, I repeat even if we do not understand each other because we do not have an apparent logical reason.

But this does not end here, there are also other beings not embodied in this plane or nonhumans, who feed on our bad energy, and for them we are just that, pure food essential to survive. That is why there are interests inside and outside this world of people living with fear, anguish and other negative feelings that feed these vampires, as I explain in my post esotericism and hypocrisy.

All cultures know of the existence of these predators, and each one of them gives them a name such as archons, demons, goblins, fliers, etc. The attention of the shamanism movement in the book by Carlos Castaneda “On the other side of the infinite”, from which I paste the next extract, where the shaman Don Juan explains to the own and puzzled author what these beings are …

“But why has this predator taken possession of the way you describe, don Juan?” I asked, “There must be a logical explanation.

“There is an explanation,” don Juan replied, “and it is the simplest explanation in the world. They took possession because for them we are food, and they squeeze us without compassion because we are their sustenance. Just as we raise chickens in chicken coops, they also raise us in humaneros. Therefore, they always have food at their fingertips. ”
I recommend reading the entire book or at least the chapter referring to this starting on page 71, as well as numerous other references to this vampirism on the net.

We must open our mind and assume it no matter how hard it is, because only then can we at least stop being an appetizing “energetic cake”, and not be so controlled by these beings, who, as stated in Castaneda’s book, gave us the mind. Precisely controlling our mind instead of letting it control us is the solution. It is simple, but it is difficult …

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