27 Mar

As I said in my previous post in which I spoke of palo santo, although to some it seems silly, maintaining the purified environment is extremely important for our spiritual health, and therefore mental and corporal.

For this the material most used in the world since time immemorial, is the incense, in its multiple aromas and modalities.

Incense is basically a mixture of resins, woods and essences, in such a way that when burned they produce the smoke that characterizes it and that has been the basis of magical and religious ceremonies and rituals in almost all cultures of the world.

Now it is very easy to find and is widely used in any home, especially in the form of bars prepared to burn. There are also in the form of cone and grain, the latter my favorite form for spells, although it is more tedious to use since it requires charcoal and a censer or burner.


Apart from aromatizing and purifying the environment, the incense smoke has very good energetic properties, useful for opening roads, meditating and above all preparing and balancing the place to perform white magic rituals.

Then, taken from the website, a list of the most used aromas and their properties, most of them very easy to find in stores. My favorite is the natural one, which I highlight below its properties.

AMBAR: Aphrodisiac for both sexes, gives energy and physical strength. Prosperity.

Improves situations in general. Change the positive energies for negatives.

To achieve serenity. Power the attraction of the person we want and ensure their fidelity. Eliminates obstacles, frictions, resentments and resentments of the people with whom we live.

ALMIZCLE: Cleaning and purification.

ALOE VERA: To specify projects. Harmonizes the work environment.

BENJUI: Clean negative energies.

BERGAMOTA: Antidepressant. Reanimates and stimulates in the self-improvement process.

CANELA: It helps to clarify ideas, it is good for meditation. Aphrodisiac.

Protection. To cure. It gives energy to the body. Give security. It increases the ability to penetrate our psychic consciousness. To improve our economy. It attracts money and customers for the business.

CANABIS: Produces good humor, relaxation and a creative mind.

CLAVEL: It reinforces the knowledge and favors the initiates, it is a powerful aphrodisiac, it transmits happiness.

NAIL: Attracts money and customers for business

CHANDAN: Consolidate business relationships. It attracts luck in the business.

COCO: Stimulation of sexual pleasure. Aphrodisiac pleasant.

CHERRY: Sweet aroma that stimulates love.

EUCALYPTUS: Alleviates all types of allergies and stimulates physical and mental strength, especially acuity and ingenuity. In addition, its balsamic potential helps strengthen health in the magical aspect.

GINSENG: Serves to enhance the ability and strength to work. It helps increase sexual vigor and vitality.

NATURAL INCENSE: It serves practically everything and is related on a mundane level to the spiritual, so it can be used for everything you want.


It is the incense of power, the one that attracts and distributes energies, the one that magnifies and gives triumphs and the one that strongly attracts love and fortune. It greatly favors personal growth, the gift of leadership, the ability to triumph and the effort to reach the top on all levels, from the material to the spiritual, since within the essence of this incense is the aspiration to God, the aspiration to the divinity. It purges selfishness, lack of generosity, deification, foolishness, lack of openness, abuse or excess of authority, excessive ambition, lack of energy and excessive opportunism. Natural incense is a great balancer of human passions and ambitions, so its use within a wide spectrum of religions is not unusual. Natural incense is the purifier par excellence.

JAZMIN: Combat depression, optimism, animosity. Its soft aroma attracts good luck. It gives concentration and inspiration. For the union of the couple.

LAVENDER: Unload, clean, remove fear. It removes bad vibes at work and thrives commercial activity prosperously.

LIMON: Mental stimulant, clean and refreshing. Purification. Relieves stress and calms nerves. It attracts joy. General stimulant. To preserve health. It favors positive energies. Cleaning and protection of home and work. Ancestral wisdom for every project.

LOTUS (lotus flower): Attracts abundance, favors the realization of business. Liberates from depression and gives courage forces.

MADRESELVA: Special magical use indicated to reverse money problems, and to strengthen the home economy.

APPLE: Physical and mental health, generates well-being and alleviates any physical pain.

MANDARINA: It attracts love and facilitates the understanding of the couple.

MAGNOLIA: Psychic health and mental activity, also helps spiritual development. Overcome family, emotional and work breakdowns.

MINT: It removes the inner solitude, cleans charged environments.

MIRRA: Universal protector. Protection against all evil or damage you are going to receive. Meditation. Cleaning of people and places. Power the rituals. Against the evil eye, spells and witchcraft. Move away negative energies and bad spirits.

MUSK: Aphrodisiac. Provides good luck in all types of activities or relationships.

NIGHT QUEEN (queen of the night): Generosity, sympathy, attractive for the opposite sex, special for love. Enhances elegance and glamor in women. Essential for a love appointment.

OPIUM: Attracts couple, anti-solitude, to obtain or endure the union of the couple.

PATCHOULI (patchouli): Abundance and prosperity in all stages of life. In the morning it energizes, at night it acts as an aphrodisiac.

PINE: Purifies and gives freshness and cleanliness. Energizing.

RED ROSE: Produces a sense of peace, serves for love. Aphrodisiac

Love. Relieves women’s sexual problems. Resolves cases of psychological impotence men. Inspires feelings of peace and happiness. It helps us feel good in our body by eliminating doubts about our appearance and attractiveness. To calm domestic disputes.

PINK WHITE: Stimulates love in the home and the couple. Emotional harmony

PINK YELLOW: Eliminate sorrows and sad memories. Help to overcome love losses.

ROMERO: For good luck. Protection and cleaning, destroys hexes. Cleaning people and houses. To enhance the magical properties. Strengthens the self-confidence. Against hatred and fear. To get a loving relationship. Clarifies the mind. Increase memory (excellent for exams and studies).

RUDA: Relaxing. Libra of insomnia awakens psychic and mental powers.

SANDALO: Relaxes the body and calms the mind, giving luck and fortune. Inner peace. It gives success in everything through perseverance. Excellent for meditation and relaxation.

SEVEN POWERS: For love, health, money, luck in general.

THYME: Guarantees a peaceful and restful sleep, in addition to stimulating the positive mind.

VANILLA: Its aroma is special to charm and seduce. Aphrodisiac. Revitalizes the body Activate the senses. Very good for physical efforts and magical rituals.

VETIVER: Especially for protection, it also serves to create balanced moods, very good for meditation.

VIOLET: It promotes the permanent union of the couple, it serves for deep relaxation. Counteract envy Relieves fatigue and stress.

YLANG-YLANG: Special for nerves and tension.

Do not stop using the one you notice that best suits you and your environment for each purpose or occasion …


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