Esoteric and hypocrisy

14 Sep

The esoteric or occult sciences are not exclusively black magic and sacrifices as the cinema or other means of communication show us. Esotericism is a hidden knowledge to the majority, logically for the interest of those who for millennia have known, control and use to have power and government in the world.

It is well known that Hitler and Nazism turned to the esoteric sciences for their purpose, and it is only necessary to analyze the Nazi symbology and its scenery in order to be aware of it. Also some historians have detailed as nothing less than Aleister Crowley, among other things the greater magician of the twentieth century, was to the service of Churchill to help him in the second great war.It would be thanks to him that the balance of inclined in favor of the allies when it seemed all lost ?. Apart from historical conjectures and facts whose reality we will never know most of us, something is true, and is that there are a series of laws and norms that govern the universe and nature that some know how to use, not always for evil, although unfortunately and analyzing the history of man seems to be predominantly so.

In addition to this wisdom only within reach of a few, we are all born with certain abilities of clairvoyance, but since children close us that, let’s call sixth sense, since it is either taken for insanity or simply left aside as things of the imagination childish.

Does any mother not notice when something bad is going to happen to her child, or when it is happening to her even though she is thousands of miles away? How do scientists explain this?

On the other hand, and undoubtedly for the sake of those who really govern in this world, certain seers with long robes and no less long tongue are put on the means to ridicule all that esoteric world, which is part of our world, even if it refuses.

There are already indications in many investigations, and I believe that in the future the occult sciences will cease to be so, and above all will be used for the well-being and advancement of humanity, as has been done to a greater extent with the “official” sciences.

I as a seer I use tarot and other means of reading, but I only see what I see, not what I want, and possibly not absolutely everything that you would want, but I can help you.

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