The importance of positive attitude

11 Oct

Although psychologists, therapists of all kinds and professionals of emotional intelligence agree on the same thing and do not tire of saying it, we can not even imagine what our attitude in life influences in ourselves and therefore in our destiny. With my experience as a clairvoyant and analyzing many clients, I confirm it emphatically.

From our health to our material abundance we are seriously harmed if we are negative, and quite the opposite if we are positive.

And why if we know the solution and it seems so simple we are not able to be more positive? Simply because our mind, which as I said in other post is usually that governs us, above our true self or higher self, is programmed to be negative. This programming takes place from children and during each day of our life, throughout our environment both family and outside, and is based on fear. We are afraid for almost everything, and at least I do not use the justification that fear is a human reaction essential for survival. I must make it clear that I am not referring to a totally justified fear, that unfortunately many people have to be beaten, or that their families die of hunger or other hardships, arising from the wars and famines that exist in a few places in the world.

When I say fear to almost everything I do not exaggerate. Especially fear of what hurts us most and makes us go wrong in our lives, that others think badly about us or what is the same fear of defrauding them. This totally governs every day our actions and our human relations, and based on that we are manipulated by religions, politicians and all the elite that really rules on our planet. Fear of not pleasing physically, fear of not succeeding in the way they have instilled in us that we must do it, fear of illness that makes us abuse drugs, fear of life itself, and the worst thing is that we have it so automated and assumed that nor do we realize it.

I advise the film After Earth, where Will Smith, whom I admire as a person even more than as an actor, is an officer who manages to save the human species from an alien invasion, only controlling fear, which is the energy that detected those beings to hunt down their human victims. This is a dialog of the protagonist with his son, very interesting:

” I went out to run. Alone. Something we should never do. A bear stops camouflaging herself in front of me. I’m going to grab my saber. Shoot your clamp. It cuts through my shoulder. Before I know it, we’re falling off the cliff thirty feet straight, straight into the river. We sit in the background. It’s on top of me. But it is not moving. And I realize that he wants to drown me. I’m thinking, “I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I can not believe that’s how I’m going to die. ” I see my blood bubbling, mingling with the light, shining in the water. And I think, “Gee, that’s precious.” And everything moves more slowly. I see his claw piercing my shoulder. And I decide that I do not want that thing there anymore. So I sack her. And let me go. And more than that, I realize that he does not find me. He does not even know where to look. And then I realized that fear is not real. Fear can only exist in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not exist in the present and that may never exist. That’s almost crazy, Kitai. Do not get me wrong. The danger is very real. But fear is a decision. We are all telling a story. And that day, mine changed. ”

How many times have we felt distressed before a problem that we have created in our mind only because it can happen, and then there has not been such a situation or at least with the gravity we expected? For all that anguish, fear or sadness, in the end negative emotions, harms us remarkably in all aspects.

We all know some people who have triumphed professionally and personally, or at least have achieved stability, and all of them are positive people and able to face serious problems without being intimidated and falling into victimhood or negativity.

Of course this is not easy, but we must try and it is good for us to gradually change in that sense, because of course what really is true is the law of attraction. We attract into our lives that which persists in our thoughts, and also that which comes out of our mouth, because the Universe listens to us. Let us avoid using expressions such as “what bad luck I have”, “I can not”, etc.

Although nothing will help you as much as a positive attitude to adversity, I as a psychic can make it much easier …

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