4 Jul

Our mind, despite being a powerful tool that we possess, unfortunately is usually our biggest enemy, as I already explained in my post “our sixth sense or intuition”.

We can easily deduce it by meditating on how we react to external stimuli according to the mental programming we have, depending not only on the cultural environment where we have been raised, but above all on learning from past experiences. And that is the problem, that we live literally in the past, because that past the mind does not interpret it as such, but as the now.

I will give an example. When we suffered a trauma in our childhood, such as school bullying or humiliation in any other environment, we were able to react to it in many ways, such as, for example, humiliating other weaker ones. This is not the correct reaction, but it is the one that we have learned mentally, and as our mind lives in that past every time we feel humiliated or hurt as adults we react by paying it with the least guilty of it, in our environment or family. This is automatic and instantaneous, without us having time to think about it, and the worst thing is that we do not even analyze it once the fact has passed, in order to change it.

Another example that shows that we live in the past is how we feel distressed and feel bad when we remember a traumatic experience of the past, even though it happened many years ago. Why do we feel bad if that has already happened and nothing can change or avoid? … Because for our subconscious that is happening now, in the present, and therefore we even react physically with sweat or stomach pain for example, and Just for remembering something past !! Is not it really stupid?

If we lived in the present in all aspects, and were innocent observers of what happens in this our reality, which we are continuously creating, we would change the reactions that we do not like about us, and with it all that reality, and ultimately our world It would be much better for us and therefore for everyone …

It is not easy, but it is the only way, control your mind and your thoughts, and KNOW YOURSELF, to change what you do not like and reach that peace of spirit that you so long for.

I recommend on this topic the reading of “The power of now” by E. Tole. and my post “The importance of a positive attitude”.

Time is not really linear as we perceive it on this plane, but past, present and future take place at the same time, and it varies depending on the paths we choose. Maybe that’s why there is clairvoyance, and we can glimpse part of the future that happens, within this non-linear time.


I do not choose what I see, but I can see things to help you on your way.


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