19 Jul

“The day that science begins to study

non-physical phenomena,

will make more progress in a decade

that in all the previous centuries

of its existence. ” Nikola Tesla.

I think there is no better way to start this post, than this quote from N.Tesla.

Although it may not seem like it, since it is not given the importance it deserves in my opinion, many scientists have tried hard and strive to investigate the so-called “paranormal”. Such is the case of Russell Targ, physicist and author, pioneer in the development of laser applications, and co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) of psychic abilities in the seventies and eighties.

Targ holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Queens University and did his graduate degree in physics at Columbia University.

He has received important national awards such as the Aeronautics and Space Administration for inventions and contributions to lasers and laser communications, but also in the 80s he made demonstrations of remote vision and other psychic abilities.

He is the author or co-author of nine books on the scientific research of psychic abilities and Buddhist approaches to the transformation of consciousness, highlighting his works:

Mental Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability (with E. Harold Puthoff, 1977, 2005)
Miracles of the mind: exploring non-local consciousness and spiritual healing (with Jane Katra, 1998)
Unlimited Mind: A Guide for Remote Viewing and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004)
You see what I see? Memories of a blind cyclist, in 2008. It is an autobiography.
The Reality of ESP – A Test of Psychic Skills of a Physicist
As expected, some of the most interesting TED talks (technology, entertainment and fun) are canceled from the network, as is the case of “The War on Consciousness” by author Graham Hancock, and the book by scientist Rupert was also banned Sheldrake, titled “The Science Delusion.”

When it comes to issues within the domains of parapsychology, they are often fiercely opposed to the belief systems of many, despite existing scientific publications, which expose research with fascinating results.

However, the CIA and other agencies around the world have devoted decades of research to study this issue in depth, which shows the reality.

Some of the demonstrated achievements in terms of remote viewing by Russel, described by his own words are:

“In this $ 25 million program we used ‘remote viewing’ to find a Russian bomber shot down in North Africa, so President Carter congratulated us.

We found an American general kidnapped in Italy and the car in which they kidnapped Patricia Hearst. We observed the American hostages in Iran, and predicted their imminent release, which were soon sent to Germany.

We describe a Russian arms factory in Siberia, which led to an investigation by the US Congress. UU About the weakness in US security, etc.

Our scientific findings were published in The Proc, IEEE, Proc. AAAS, and in Proc. American Institute of Physics. I thought that a TED audience would find this material recently declassified interesting.

And no physics would be damaged in my presentation. ”

In spite of everything, and as I already say in my post esotericism and hypocrisy, the esoteric sciences are always ridiculed and hidden to be only used by a few, who are really the ones who manage everything in this world.

Russel’s latest contribution is “Espías del Tercer Ojo”, a documentary film by award-winning director Lance Mungia.

The film consists of compelling film recreations of real remote views made at the Stanford Research Institute for intelligence agencies.

This includes surprising new data retrieved from recently declassified documents through the Freedom of Information Act, and more than 30 interviews with each of the main players involved and how those discoveries are being used today.

Whether parapsychology is used to find the keys to your house, earn money on Wall Street, read keywords on an NSA secret site, spy on foreign embassies or find a kidnapped general or terrorist, the possibilities are endless.

Russell explained that:

“The evidence of additional sensory perception is overwhelming and shows a talent that we all share and deserve to know, leaving us not only with an understanding of this unique and forgotten chapter in US history, but perhaps more importantly, a greater understanding of who we are ”

All this shows that clairvoyance exists and that we all possess it to a greater or lesser degree. Some luckily or unfortunately we have developed it without having made an effort in it and others, who are the majority have it.





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