What´s blood ?

31 Jan

For centuries it is known, although it was more concrete in the previous one, that the composition of the blood, which is 55% is plasma, which is the liquid part, salts of water and proteins, and the remaining 45% of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Having said this, the evident protagonism that this liquid takes, not only of esotericism, but also of the religions themselves, is striking.

We do not have to focus so much on the satanic rituals that the cinema shows us, nor on what is written or spoken about voodoo, to give an example, since in the old testament there are still very striking references to animal sacrifices, where it is described in detail how to perform them. Next, I paste an extract of Leviticus cap 3.

“7 If he offers the lamb as his offering, I will offer it to the Lord.

8 And he shall put his hand on the head of his offering, and then he shall slaughter it before the tabernacle of the congregation, and the sons of Aaron shall sprinkle their blood on the altar round about.

9 And of the sacrifice of the peace offerings, he shall offer as an offering made by fire to Jehovah of all fat and glue, which shall be taken away from the root of the spine, and from the fat that covers the entrails, and all the fat that is in the bowels

10 Likewise the two kidneys and the fat that is on them and that which is on the loins; and together with the kidneys will eliminate the lobe of the liver.

11 And the priest shall burn it on the altar; It is an offering of food for the Lord. ”

Needless to say, human sacrifices have also been offered to the gods throughout history, where the rituals dating back to the Aztec civilization give an example, where hundreds of human lives were sacrificed, and perhaps, as I say in my publication about gods and goddesses, indirectly fomenting wars in the name of god.

All this makes me think that apart from the importance of this substance for the animal body, and all its physical and chemical properties, must have other very valuable energy nature, so many of the “superior beings” like a lot .

It also makes me think about what kind of gods consume these energies, related to death and suffering, and that is why personally, as a white magician, I do not practice blood rituals no matter how powerful they are, as I explain in the article about magic rituals …


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