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19 Dec

Everything is energy in the universe, and also the human mind is an inexhaustible source of energy that is capable of unimaginable feats, if it were not for the same mind, and here is the paradox, blocking all its potential, because it is programmed for it by those who govern and manage this world, as it is treated in my post “esotericism and hypocrisy”.

Mother nature, in addition to providing us with what is essential for our subsistence, and even to heal us if necessary, also provides us with innumerable mineral and vegetable components with very interesting energetic properties. These components, used in certain rituals whose protagonists are also the four elements of nature, can be very effective, but as long as the sorcerer, dispose his mental power in addition to his wisdom at the service of the spell itself. In short, it is nothing more than a mental projection as powerful as the sorcerer, being helped by nature, and like all mental projection, creates reality here in this plane in which we are.

The attitude of the person receiving the work is also very important, as I describe in this other post.

With all this, we can help a lot to attract certain things to our life, but never that they should not be in the spiritual path of each one, and never if they do not wish and wait with positivism.

On the other hand, and no less powerful, there are the works of black magic, in which blood and animal sacrifice are primordial elements. But let’s not forget that working with certain negative or dark energies, even if it can work soon and effectively, has a price to pay so much especially in our spiritual advancement, since those negative entities that we feed with these energies are insatiable and traitors . I’ll talk about this in a future article …

Each, within our relative free will, we can work with light or darkness, good or evil, and assume the consequences that entails. I advise on this, that you read my post about moorings of love?

As #clairvoyant and # psychic, I know with what energies to work and where to focus my mind, and I will do it to help and protect people, but never to harm anyone.

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