About moorings of …love?

24 Nov

I would dare to say that a percentage of 80% of my clients’ queries are about relationships, and many of the requests are moorings so as not to lose or attract the “beloved” person (note in quotes).
I would like to clarify several points regarding this, since it is neither as simple nor as complex as many believe.
First, indicate that since ancient times some women have used magical methods to attract or retain a man, using from their menstrual blood and urine for that purpose, just to give an example. This has been transferred from generation to generation in many families. This kind of magic is not white, it does not work with good feelings or love, and the energies that we feed with it, if I can not say in this case are dangerous, they are not recommended and can even be counterproductive. The explanation is very simple, we are influencing the mind of the recipient of the work or spell, but not in their feelings. It can generate physical or sexual attraction and emotional dependence, but not amorousness, although it is true that we often confuse the one with the other. It will only work for a while, and no matter how much the moorings are reinforced or regenerated periodically, if there is no love, the future of that couple is not very promising as is obvious.
But, it is true that with these moorings and also work away can influence much, especially in times of crisis, for a couple to break, ending up bored with each other. For this I consider a better solution the works of protection and detachment on the affected person, to free his mind of the desires and problems generated and to leave in the hands of his feelings the choice, which is not always the desired by the two , but at least it will not be conditioned. These works are white magic. We only invoke energies of love and protection, and depending on the polarity (good-bad) of the clear objective person, it will give very good results in the short term.
We do not know and they hide it from us, but as I say in my post esoteric and hypocrisy the universe has laws that the esoteric sciences know, and that those that govern this world constantly use, so that we are energetic food for their laudable purposes. .
I am a true psychic and I can help you, but I only see what I see, not what I want, and not always what you would like …


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