22 Sep

We should rely more on our sixth sense or intuition, because it is more difficult to betray us than our mind.
The mind, the most powerful tool that we do not know how to use in all its capacity, is no more than that, a tool available to our true self or self, and it has been given to the human race to be able to do things that we can not imagine .
However, we usually listen to or confuse our mind with ourselves, and obey and make decisions guided by it exclusively.
It is as if we left control of a computer to itself, being unable to decide what and when to carry out operations with it, would stop us being useful.
Similarly we do with our mind, we have it programmed from babies, when we begin to be part of a family and a society or culture, and almost always it decides by itself, according to what we have engraved in our “hard disk”, according to education, and lessons learned.
But our mind is only a part of us, not ourselves.
What can we do then? The answer is very simple but the solution is not so much, to silence the mind.
I will not reiterate what almost everyone, including psychologists, sports coaches and others, increasingly assert, are the benefits of meditation. Nor will I recommend any of the many techniques of meditation, but I will advise something. When you have a problem or need to make an important decision, take some time to think about it. Choose a quiet place where nobody or anything bother you, if it can be in nature, even in our garden or the park we have close to home. Breathe deeply, counting from 20 to 1 regressively and concentrating only on that, so that alluvion of negative thoughts like doubts, fears, etc. have less power. And now, concentrate on the problem in question, trying to face it as if you were seeing it from the outside, or outside another person. It will most likely open up paths and solutions that you have not thought about before, blinded by anger or fear.
It is not easy to do this, of course not, and less in certain traumatic situations, but can be very useful in many others.
For me this is meditation, there is no reason to go into trance, or do astral travel or anything like that, for now to get the mandate to our mind for a while is enough.
Observe the sensations of your body by concentrating on a decision-making, because as you sit you will indicate many things.
That is intuition, and they are messages from your heart or your inner self. Through it, the universe tries to communicate with you constantly to help you, even if it seems to you a lie.
Keep your heart in mind before anything or anyone. No friend, relative, guru or seer will give you more wise advice than he does when you learn to listen.


I’m a clairvoyant, and although I do not see everything I want, or possibly everything that you want, I can help you …
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