27 Mar

As I said in my previous post in which I spoke of palo santo, although to some it seems silly, maintaining the purified environment is extremely important for our spiritual health, and therefore mental and corporal.

For this the material most used in the world since time immemorial, is the incense, in its multiple aromas and modalities.

Incense is basically a mixture of resins, woods and essences, in such a way that when burned they produce the smoke that characterizes it and that has been the basis of magical and religious ceremonies and rituals in almost all cultures of the world.

Now it is very easy to find and is widely used in any home, especially in the form of bars prepared to burn. There are also in the form of cone and grain, the latter my favorite form for spells, although it is more tedious to use since it requires charcoal and a censer or burner.


Apart from aromatizing and purifying the environment, the incense smoke has very good energetic properties, useful for opening roads, meditating and above all preparing and balancing the place to perform white magic rituals.

Then, taken from the website, a list of the most used aromas and their properties, most of them very easy to find in stores. My favorite is the natural one, which I highlight below its properties.

AMBAR: Aphrodisiac for both sexes, gives energy and physical strength. Prosperity.

Improves situations in general. Change the positive energies for negatives.

To achieve serenity. Power the attraction of the person we want and ensure their fidelity. Eliminates obstacles, frictions, resentments and resentments of the people with whom we live.

ALMIZCLE: Cleaning and purification.

ALOE VERA: To specify projects. Harmonizes the work environment.

BENJUI: Clean negative energies.

BERGAMOTA: Antidepressant. Reanimates and stimulates in the self-improvement process.

CANELA: It helps to clarify ideas, it is good for meditation. Aphrodisiac.

Protection. To cure. It gives energy to the body. Give security. It increases the ability to penetrate our psychic consciousness. To improve our economy. It attracts money and customers for the business.

CANABIS: Produces good humor, relaxation and a creative mind.

CLAVEL: It reinforces the knowledge and favors the initiates, it is a powerful aphrodisiac, it transmits happiness.

NAIL: Attracts money and customers for business

CHANDAN: Consolidate business relationships. It attracts luck in the business.

COCO: Stimulation of sexual pleasure. Aphrodisiac pleasant.

CHERRY: Sweet aroma that stimulates love.

EUCALYPTUS: Alleviates all types of allergies and stimulates physical and mental strength, especially acuity and ingenuity. In addition, its balsamic potential helps strengthen health in the magical aspect.

GINSENG: Serves to enhance the ability and strength to work. It helps increase sexual vigor and vitality.

NATURAL INCENSE: It serves practically everything and is related on a mundane level to the spiritual, so it can be used for everything you want.


It is the incense of power, the one that attracts and distributes energies, the one that magnifies and gives triumphs and the one that strongly attracts love and fortune. It greatly favors personal growth, the gift of leadership, the ability to triumph and the effort to reach the top on all levels, from the material to the spiritual, since within the essence of this incense is the aspiration to God, the aspiration to the divinity. It purges selfishness, lack of generosity, deification, foolishness, lack of openness, abuse or excess of authority, excessive ambition, lack of energy and excessive opportunism. Natural incense is a great balancer of human passions and ambitions, so its use within a wide spectrum of religions is not unusual. Natural incense is the purifier par excellence.

JAZMIN: Combat depression, optimism, animosity. Its soft aroma attracts good luck. It gives concentration and inspiration. For the union of the couple.

LAVENDER: Unload, clean, remove fear. It removes bad vibes at work and thrives commercial activity prosperously.

LIMON: Mental stimulant, clean and refreshing. Purification. Relieves stress and calms nerves. It attracts joy. General stimulant. To preserve health. It favors positive energies. Cleaning and protection of home and work. Ancestral wisdom for every project.

LOTUS (lotus flower): Attracts abundance, favors the realization of business. Liberates from depression and gives courage forces.

MADRESELVA: Special magical use indicated to reverse money problems, and to strengthen the home economy.

APPLE: Physical and mental health, generates well-being and alleviates any physical pain.

MANDARINA: It attracts love and facilitates the understanding of the couple.

MAGNOLIA: Psychic health and mental activity, also helps spiritual development. Overcome family, emotional and work breakdowns.

MINT: It removes the inner solitude, cleans charged environments.

MIRRA: Universal protector. Protection against all evil or damage you are going to receive. Meditation. Cleaning of people and places. Power the rituals. Against the evil eye, spells and witchcraft. Move away negative energies and bad spirits.

MUSK: Aphrodisiac. Provides good luck in all types of activities or relationships.

NIGHT QUEEN (queen of the night): Generosity, sympathy, attractive for the opposite sex, special for love. Enhances elegance and glamor in women. Essential for a love appointment.

OPIUM: Attracts couple, anti-solitude, to obtain or endure the union of the couple.

PATCHOULI (patchouli): Abundance and prosperity in all stages of life. In the morning it energizes, at night it acts as an aphrodisiac.

PINE: Purifies and gives freshness and cleanliness. Energizing.

RED ROSE: Produces a sense of peace, serves for love. Aphrodisiac

Love. Relieves women’s sexual problems. Resolves cases of psychological impotence men. Inspires feelings of peace and happiness. It helps us feel good in our body by eliminating doubts about our appearance and attractiveness. To calm domestic disputes.

PINK WHITE: Stimulates love in the home and the couple. Emotional harmony

PINK YELLOW: Eliminate sorrows and sad memories. Help to overcome love losses.

ROMERO: For good luck. Protection and cleaning, destroys hexes. Cleaning people and houses. To enhance the magical properties. Strengthens the self-confidence. Against hatred and fear. To get a loving relationship. Clarifies the mind. Increase memory (excellent for exams and studies).

RUDA: Relaxing. Libra of insomnia awakens psychic and mental powers.

SANDALO: Relaxes the body and calms the mind, giving luck and fortune. Inner peace. It gives success in everything through perseverance. Excellent for meditation and relaxation.

SEVEN POWERS: For love, health, money, luck in general.

THYME: Guarantees a peaceful and restful sleep, in addition to stimulating the positive mind.

VANILLA: Its aroma is special to charm and seduce. Aphrodisiac. Revitalizes the body Activate the senses. Very good for physical efforts and magical rituals.

VETIVER: Especially for protection, it also serves to create balanced moods, very good for meditation.

VIOLET: It promotes the permanent union of the couple, it serves for deep relaxation. Counteract envy Relieves fatigue and stress.

YLANG-YLANG: Special for nerves and tension.

Do not stop using the one you notice that best suits you and your environment for each purpose or occasion …



13 Mar

One of the materials that I like the most, along with incense, to purify the environment, is palo santo.

To some people it may seem silly, but having our home, business or job well purified is very important to get rid of a lot of bad energy, which unfortunately, accumulate due to stress and negativity among others.

The palo santo is a wood from the jungles of Ecuador and Peru mainly. Its characteristic is that it has a very oily resin that, when burned, gives off a very aromatic white smoke to which magical and healing properties are attributed.

It is very used by the shamans of that area since always, and nowadays we can obtain it in the form of sticks already dried and prepared for use in any herbalist or esoteric store. It is curious that you can only extract from dead trees naturally, you do not cut the wood of the tree alive.

How to use:

It is very easy, we simply take the stick with the hand and patiently burn one end near a burning candle, until the end of the stick has been lit. Then we will shake it with the hand to extinguish the flame, never blowing, and will begin to release that precious smoke.

When it is turned off we can repeat the process again at that or another time.

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23 Feb

Although I already touched on this topic in my post about moorings of love, I think it is important to take it up again, because as I said before, 90% of my questions are about sentimental relationships.

First indicate, so that no one is fooled, that although the so-called moorings of love exist and work, they serve to create in the recipient of the work a sexual attraction or emotional dependence towards another person, but it will never provoke true feelings of love, although we do not always know how to differentiate one from the other. These spells, used since time immemorial and sometimes transferred from generation to generation, usually rely on using substances such as menstrual blood or urine, for example, so that by doing a specific ritual for it, cause in the mind of the recipient a dependence on the type that I said before to the other person. That said, it is obvious that it will only work for a time, given the intensity or frequency with which the spell is repeated, and the mental vulnerability of the recipient, but it will never make a couple stay together indefinitely or repeat again, it will provoke true feelings of love between them.

Sometimes, and especially in times of crisis of a couple, these moorings can cause infidelity and estrangement, making confuse the feelings between them that can be true. This is where I usually enter, breaking those ties on the one hand, and on the other doing sweetening spell, so that the couple will recover harmony again.

These spells are also very useful to regain the magic that once was and that by life circumstances and carelessness, which is usually the fatal error that is committed, has been lost in the couple.

On the other hand, a spell of detachment is very good for the person who is using these mooring techniques, and thus stop influencing the mind or desire of his victim, and interfere in his love life.

Although it may sound like a joke, being a victim of a mooring can completely break a true and important relationship in our lives, of what we can regret for the rest of our days.

I as a psychic and specialist in these issues because I help you with your problem ..



2 Feb

Today, February 2nd, besides day of the Virgin of Candelaria,  saint of the Canary Islands, is the feast of Yemayá. Mother water, deity of the sea, fecundity and femininity, which was syncretized in Cuba with the Virgin of Regla and in Venezuela with  Virgin of Valle, among other countries in which it is worshiped. In honor of her I OFFER FREE READING TO  WOMEN JUST TODAY. Send me an email to with your full name and query. I will answer you as soon as possible …

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What´s blood ?

31 Jan

For centuries it is known, although it was more concrete in the previous one, that the composition of the blood, which is 55% is plasma, which is the liquid part, salts of water and proteins, and the remaining 45% of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Having said this, the evident protagonism that this liquid takes, not only of esotericism, but also of the religions themselves, is striking.

We do not have to focus so much on the satanic rituals that the cinema shows us, nor on what is written or spoken about voodoo, to give an example, since in the old testament there are still very striking references to animal sacrifices, where it is described in detail how to perform them. Next, I paste an extract of Leviticus cap 3.

“7 If he offers the lamb as his offering, I will offer it to the Lord.

8 And he shall put his hand on the head of his offering, and then he shall slaughter it before the tabernacle of the congregation, and the sons of Aaron shall sprinkle their blood on the altar round about.

9 And of the sacrifice of the peace offerings, he shall offer as an offering made by fire to Jehovah of all fat and glue, which shall be taken away from the root of the spine, and from the fat that covers the entrails, and all the fat that is in the bowels

10 Likewise the two kidneys and the fat that is on them and that which is on the loins; and together with the kidneys will eliminate the lobe of the liver.

11 And the priest shall burn it on the altar; It is an offering of food for the Lord. ”

Needless to say, human sacrifices have also been offered to the gods throughout history, where the rituals dating back to the Aztec civilization give an example, where hundreds of human lives were sacrificed, and perhaps, as I say in my publication about gods and goddesses, indirectly fomenting wars in the name of god.

All this makes me think that apart from the importance of this substance for the animal body, and all its physical and chemical properties, must have other very valuable energy nature, so many of the “superior beings” like a lot .

It also makes me think about what kind of gods consume these energies, related to death and suffering, and that is why personally, as a white magician, I do not practice blood rituals no matter how powerful they are, as I explain in the article about magic rituals …



22 Jan

Many of us had heard about the so-called “energetic vampires”, alluding to certain beings that absorbed us or stole our vital energy. Are there such beings? that there is no need to complain that they do, and that they do not necessarily have to be monstrous beings or demons.

All of us in our daily life, we know or we meet people who infect you with joy and desire to live, but unfortunately it is not frequent. On the other hand, we also know people with whom we do not like to share anything and with whom without knowing why, we do not feel comfortable and even make us feel bad. As I say in my post about our sixth sense or intuition, we should look more at our sensations, and applying to this issue, we should stay away from people who make us feel that way, I repeat even if we do not understand each other because we do not have an apparent logical reason.

But this does not end here, there are also other beings not embodied in this plane or nonhumans, who feed on our bad energy, and for them we are just that, pure food essential to survive. That is why there are interests inside and outside this world of people living with fear, anguish and other negative feelings that feed these vampires, as I explain in my post esotericism and hypocrisy.

All cultures know of the existence of these predators, and each one of them gives them a name such as archons, demons, goblins, fliers, etc. The attention of the shamanism movement in the book by Carlos Castaneda “On the other side of the infinite”, from which I paste the next extract, where the shaman Don Juan explains to the own and puzzled author what these beings are …

“But why has this predator taken possession of the way you describe, don Juan?” I asked, “There must be a logical explanation.

“There is an explanation,” don Juan replied, “and it is the simplest explanation in the world. They took possession because for them we are food, and they squeeze us without compassion because we are their sustenance. Just as we raise chickens in chicken coops, they also raise us in humaneros. Therefore, they always have food at their fingertips. ”
I recommend reading the entire book or at least the chapter referring to this starting on page 71, as well as numerous other references to this vampirism on the net.

We must open our mind and assume it no matter how hard it is, because only then can we at least stop being an appetizing “energetic cake”, and not be so controlled by these beings, who, as stated in Castaneda’s book, gave us the mind. Precisely controlling our mind instead of letting it control us is the solution. It is simple, but it is difficult …

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About God

10 Jan

I believe that one of the transcendental questions that we have all raised at some point in our lives, in the existence of God, and more than that, God of the children that we have spoken since childhood, whose name and characteristics depend on the place of the planet and the cultural or family environment in which we have been raised, is the only one facing the others.

Any thinking mind can question why it has to be my god? And the other that they follow or in which millions of people believe?

The simplest answer is the same with different names, and that man has created religions to adapt precisely to God and his “instructions” to each culture. This is very simple to be true, more so when there are even non-monotheistic religions.

What if all the gods of all the different religions and mythologies really existed? What if they were discussing control of our planet and its inhabitants forever, even agreeing with each other? See the movie “Jupiter ascending”

A god is a superior being, and if any of us with our technology comes before a prehistoric people, we consider it safe, God.

Imagine that through a projection or hologram, we manifest ourselves before the leader of this primitive town, making believe that he is the chosen one and with a recommendation of instructions. Is not it easy to manipulate it?

How many manifestations of the gods, according to tradition and religion have had a long history, even on the battlefield, encouraging or helping one side or the other? How many wars, attacks and barbarisms in the name of God?

I leave the questions here only for everyone to think about and draw their conclusions.

I believe that all the loved ones can be found in the universe, and there are many things that can not be skipped.



29 Dec

As I said in my previous post about magic rituals, nature provides us with very valuable resources energetically, and one of them is basil.

Basil is a powerful energetic cleaner. It protects against envy, jealousy and any other bad energy that we are exposed to every day.


It is as simple and cheap as taking two handfuls of fresh basil leaves, and boiling them with three quarts of mineral water in a small, preferably new pot, for five minutes over medium heat.

Then put the contents into a ceramic or glass container and place it under our bed to absorb the bad energy while we sleep.

After a week we will discard the contents and also the container.

If we observe the aspect of the content comparing it with the beginning, we can get an idea of ​​the level of bad energy absorbed and if necessary or that you feel it, you can repeat the process.

The ritual is valid for any season, but if we prepare it 10 minutes before the end of the year and put it under the bed just before the start of the new year, it is ideal to start this new stage.

And above all, do not forget the importance of positive attitude

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About magic rituals

19 Dec

Everything is energy in the universe, and also the human mind is an inexhaustible source of energy that is capable of unimaginable feats, if it were not for the same mind, and here is the paradox, blocking all its potential, because it is programmed for it by those who govern and manage this world, as it is treated in my post “esotericism and hypocrisy”.

Mother nature, in addition to providing us with what is essential for our subsistence, and even to heal us if necessary, also provides us with innumerable mineral and vegetable components with very interesting energetic properties. These components, used in certain rituals whose protagonists are also the four elements of nature, can be very effective, but as long as the sorcerer, dispose his mental power in addition to his wisdom at the service of the spell itself. In short, it is nothing more than a mental projection as powerful as the sorcerer, being helped by nature, and like all mental projection, creates reality here in this plane in which we are.

The attitude of the person receiving the work is also very important, as I describe in this other post.

With all this, we can help a lot to attract certain things to our life, but never that they should not be in the spiritual path of each one, and never if they do not wish and wait with positivism.

On the other hand, and no less powerful, there are the works of black magic, in which blood and animal sacrifice are primordial elements. But let’s not forget that working with certain negative or dark energies, even if it can work soon and effectively, has a price to pay so much especially in our spiritual advancement, since those negative entities that we feed with these energies are insatiable and traitors . I’ll talk about this in a future article …

Each, within our relative free will, we can work with light or darkness, good or evil, and assume the consequences that entails. I advise on this, that you read my post about moorings of love?

As #clairvoyant and # psychic, I know with what energies to work and where to focus my mind, and I will do it to help and protect people, but never to harm anyone.

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About moorings of …love?

24 Nov

I would dare to say that a percentage of 80% of my clients’ queries are about relationships, and many of the requests are moorings so as not to lose or attract the “beloved” person (note in quotes).
I would like to clarify several points regarding this, since it is neither as simple nor as complex as many believe.
First, indicate that since ancient times some women have used magical methods to attract or retain a man, using from their menstrual blood and urine for that purpose, just to give an example. This has been transferred from generation to generation in many families. This kind of magic is not white, it does not work with good feelings or love, and the energies that we feed with it, if I can not say in this case are dangerous, they are not recommended and can even be counterproductive. The explanation is very simple, we are influencing the mind of the recipient of the work or spell, but not in their feelings. It can generate physical or sexual attraction and emotional dependence, but not amorousness, although it is true that we often confuse the one with the other. It will only work for a while, and no matter how much the moorings are reinforced or regenerated periodically, if there is no love, the future of that couple is not very promising as is obvious.
But, it is true that with these moorings and also work away can influence much, especially in times of crisis, for a couple to break, ending up bored with each other. For this I consider a better solution the works of protection and detachment on the affected person, to free his mind of the desires and problems generated and to leave in the hands of his feelings the choice, which is not always the desired by the two , but at least it will not be conditioned. These works are white magic. We only invoke energies of love and protection, and depending on the polarity (good-bad) of the clear objective person, it will give very good results in the short term.
We do not know and they hide it from us, but as I say in my post esoteric and hypocrisy the universe has laws that the esoteric sciences know, and that those that govern this world constantly use, so that we are energetic food for their laudable purposes. .
I am a true psychic and I can help you, but I only see what I see, not what I want, and not always what you would like …


Yissel vidente verdadera

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