Profile of some of the tarot clients

20 Oct

In my years of dedication, of course I have dealt with many people, listening to the history of each one of them and trying to help them in what is in my hands. It is very common, though strange, for people to act as if trying to self-destruct unconsciously. And I say unconsciously because they apparently do not want to suffer, but it is as if something on the inside manipulates and controls them to take them that way, sticking to people who do not suit them and mistreat them in one way or another, and damaging those who They love to drive them out of their way, as if they do not accept anything good in their lives.
As I have written in other post, I believe that our mind, besides being an infinite source of energy and a potent tool, can also be our greatest enemy and take control of our lives, making us act by impulses or spontaneous reactions that in no way benefit. But what does it make to our mind to give us those evil orders that do not suit us? It is simply the lack of self-esteem, which creates this dependence on suffering because they unconsciously believe that they deserve it.
He is like a gambler who no matter how much he sees that he is left alone and ruined he continues to play because he believes he can not avoid it, even though his destruction is evident.
I as a psychic, I can advise according to what I see using the reading of letters, candles or another technique, but on many occasions my clients already know what I say, but they do not want to accept it. As much as I see in the tarot for example, what a destructive pair can be in the present or in the future, and tell the client, usually he nods, and usually does nothing after. It is as if he only sought in his consultation a confirmation of what he knows of leftovers, and is unable to separate from his life.
Again my advice is to meditate on the problem and the people nearby. Finding the motive, which as I say is often lack of self-esteem, and being strong to change bad emotional habits, which in the end is the hardest and hardest.

I as a clairvoyant I can orientate you, facilitate the way and protect you, but the definitive step you will give, and only if you want it from the heart.

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The importance of positive attitude

11 Oct

Although psychologists, therapists of all kinds and professionals of emotional intelligence agree on the same thing and do not tire of saying it, we can not even imagine what our attitude in life influences in ourselves and therefore in our destiny. With my experience as a clairvoyant and analyzing many clients, I confirm it emphatically.

From our health to our material abundance we are seriously harmed if we are negative, and quite the opposite if we are positive.

And why if we know the solution and it seems so simple we are not able to be more positive? Simply because our mind, which as I said in other post is usually that governs us, above our true self or higher self, is programmed to be negative. This programming takes place from children and during each day of our life, throughout our environment both family and outside, and is based on fear. We are afraid for almost everything, and at least I do not use the justification that fear is a human reaction essential for survival. I must make it clear that I am not referring to a totally justified fear, that unfortunately many people have to be beaten, or that their families die of hunger or other hardships, arising from the wars and famines that exist in a few places in the world.

When I say fear to almost everything I do not exaggerate. Especially fear of what hurts us most and makes us go wrong in our lives, that others think badly about us or what is the same fear of defrauding them. This totally governs every day our actions and our human relations, and based on that we are manipulated by religions, politicians and all the elite that really rules on our planet. Fear of not pleasing physically, fear of not succeeding in the way they have instilled in us that we must do it, fear of illness that makes us abuse drugs, fear of life itself, and the worst thing is that we have it so automated and assumed that nor do we realize it.

I advise the film After Earth, where Will Smith, whom I admire as a person even more than as an actor, is an officer who manages to save the human species from an alien invasion, only controlling fear, which is the energy that detected those beings to hunt down their human victims. This is a dialog of the protagonist with his son, very interesting:

” I went out to run. Alone. Something we should never do. A bear stops camouflaging herself in front of me. I’m going to grab my saber. Shoot your clamp. It cuts through my shoulder. Before I know it, we’re falling off the cliff thirty feet straight, straight into the river. We sit in the background. It’s on top of me. But it is not moving. And I realize that he wants to drown me. I’m thinking, “I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I can not believe that’s how I’m going to die. ” I see my blood bubbling, mingling with the light, shining in the water. And I think, “Gee, that’s precious.” And everything moves more slowly. I see his claw piercing my shoulder. And I decide that I do not want that thing there anymore. So I sack her. And let me go. And more than that, I realize that he does not find me. He does not even know where to look. And then I realized that fear is not real. Fear can only exist in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not exist in the present and that may never exist. That’s almost crazy, Kitai. Do not get me wrong. The danger is very real. But fear is a decision. We are all telling a story. And that day, mine changed. ”

How many times have we felt distressed before a problem that we have created in our mind only because it can happen, and then there has not been such a situation or at least with the gravity we expected? For all that anguish, fear or sadness, in the end negative emotions, harms us remarkably in all aspects.

We all know some people who have triumphed professionally and personally, or at least have achieved stability, and all of them are positive people and able to face serious problems without being intimidated and falling into victimhood or negativity.

Of course this is not easy, but we must try and it is good for us to gradually change in that sense, because of course what really is true is the law of attraction. We attract into our lives that which persists in our thoughts, and also that which comes out of our mouth, because the Universe listens to us. Let us avoid using expressions such as “what bad luck I have”, “I can not”, etc.

Although nothing will help you as much as a positive attitude to adversity, I as a psychic can make it much easier …

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How to fit the clairvoyance in the paradox of predetermined destiny.

29 Sep

Analyzing the existing philosophical and spiritual currents, there is the paradox of pre-established destiny and free will. Some think that in our lives we have a marked destiny, and filled in more or less obstacles that we have to face in the way that we can best and that in addition, these events are given according to our actions in past lives or what is the same , the Karma.

On the other hand, and here the paradox, most of these currents and also the religions, assure us that man has free will to take from the slightest to the most important decision in his life, without nothing and nobody can interfere in it.

What sense or purpose would free will have if we had already the predetermined destiny?

My view is that both ideas are true and complement each other. The universe or perhaps our own spirit before incarnating on a new live, decides what challenges will be faced for personal growth and spiritual evolution, which is if it is preset, but as we act before such challenges is what will shape the destiny in one sense or another, with which free will is also determinant in our future.

In addition, I do not believe in karma, or at least for me it does not fit into a spiritual universe, let’s just call it that we have to drag our errors from all previous lives to each new life, having totally forgotten that previous experience. It is a circle without exit, that for example the Gnosticismo denominates “the trap of the karma”, since there is no exit of that wheel of infinite reincarnations.

What role can clairvoyance play within all this? It is simply an aid to anticipate or prepare ourselves in the possible, to what can happen in our life, and even to avoid certain problems that cross our path, and that can hinder our true mission.

Your free will allows you to use that help or not …

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25 Sep

After the success of the first offer, and thinking of you that you still do not know me, we launched the second launch offer:

You can call me from the 25th to the 29th of September at 91 075 7315 from 17 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Peninsular Spain time) and you will have your first free card reading. If you want to call me from outside Spain, or you just prefer, you can also do it by WhatsApp or FaceTime on +34 681060949

The cost of the call to the user will depend on the origin of the call, and the contract established with your telephone company, being totally free tarot service under the conditions established in the offer.

* Promotion valid only for your first call, from 25th to 29th September, from 5pm to 6pm, peninsula Spain and on line only +34 910757315 or call by whatsapp / FaceTime at +34 681060949

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22 Sep

We should rely more on our sixth sense or intuition, because it is more difficult to betray us than our mind.
The mind, the most powerful tool that we do not know how to use in all its capacity, is no more than that, a tool available to our true self or self, and it has been given to the human race to be able to do things that we can not imagine .
However, we usually listen to or confuse our mind with ourselves, and obey and make decisions guided by it exclusively.
It is as if we left control of a computer to itself, being unable to decide what and when to carry out operations with it, would stop us being useful.
Similarly we do with our mind, we have it programmed from babies, when we begin to be part of a family and a society or culture, and almost always it decides by itself, according to what we have engraved in our “hard disk”, according to education, and lessons learned.
But our mind is only a part of us, not ourselves.
What can we do then? The answer is very simple but the solution is not so much, to silence the mind.
I will not reiterate what almost everyone, including psychologists, sports coaches and others, increasingly assert, are the benefits of meditation. Nor will I recommend any of the many techniques of meditation, but I will advise something. When you have a problem or need to make an important decision, take some time to think about it. Choose a quiet place where nobody or anything bother you, if it can be in nature, even in our garden or the park we have close to home. Breathe deeply, counting from 20 to 1 regressively and concentrating only on that, so that alluvion of negative thoughts like doubts, fears, etc. have less power. And now, concentrate on the problem in question, trying to face it as if you were seeing it from the outside, or outside another person. It will most likely open up paths and solutions that you have not thought about before, blinded by anger or fear.
It is not easy to do this, of course not, and less in certain traumatic situations, but can be very useful in many others.
For me this is meditation, there is no reason to go into trance, or do astral travel or anything like that, for now to get the mandate to our mind for a while is enough.
Observe the sensations of your body by concentrating on a decision-making, because as you sit you will indicate many things.
That is intuition, and they are messages from your heart or your inner self. Through it, the universe tries to communicate with you constantly to help you, even if it seems to you a lie.
Keep your heart in mind before anything or anyone. No friend, relative, guru or seer will give you more wise advice than he does when you learn to listen.


I’m a clairvoyant, and although I do not see everything I want, or possibly everything that you want, I can help you …
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Why does the tarot work?

19 Sep

There are several scientific theories, such as energy exchange between people or the known Forer effect that try to explain why they work, or rather divination techniques do not work.

In my opinion the man is still so arrogant that he discards or denies everything that escapes his understanding. We are not even able to see how many of the theories currently accepted were denied in their day and very often considered heretical.

Many people are unable to understand why a mobile phone works, but we do not stop using it or we question it.

The clairvoyance exists whether we understand it or not, and I believe that its role together with mentalism will be increasingly important for the evolution of man. Although as I said in my post, esoterism and hyprocresy, I am convinced that those who actually rule the world have used the esoteric sciences for centuries …

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Esoteric and hypocrisy

14 Sep

The esoteric or occult sciences are not exclusively black magic and sacrifices as the cinema or other means of communication show us. Esotericism is a hidden knowledge to the majority, logically for the interest of those who for millennia have known, control and use to have power and government in the world.

It is well known that Hitler and Nazism turned to the esoteric sciences for their purpose, and it is only necessary to analyze the Nazi symbology and its scenery in order to be aware of it. Also some historians have detailed as nothing less than Aleister Crowley, among other things the greater magician of the twentieth century, was to the service of Churchill to help him in the second great war.It would be thanks to him that the balance of inclined in favor of the allies when it seemed all lost ?. Apart from historical conjectures and facts whose reality we will never know most of us, something is true, and is that there are a series of laws and norms that govern the universe and nature that some know how to use, not always for evil, although unfortunately and analyzing the history of man seems to be predominantly so.

In addition to this wisdom only within reach of a few, we are all born with certain abilities of clairvoyance, but since children close us that, let’s call sixth sense, since it is either taken for insanity or simply left aside as things of the imagination childish.

Does any mother not notice when something bad is going to happen to her child, or when it is happening to her even though she is thousands of miles away? How do scientists explain this?

On the other hand, and undoubtedly for the sake of those who really govern in this world, certain seers with long robes and no less long tongue are put on the means to ridicule all that esoteric world, which is part of our world, even if it refuses.

There are already indications in many investigations, and I believe that in the future the occult sciences will cease to be so, and above all will be used for the well-being and advancement of humanity, as has been done to a greater extent with the “official” sciences.

I as a seer I use tarot and other means of reading, but I only see what I see, not what I want, and possibly not absolutely everything that you would want, but I can help you.

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12 Sep

Fire has always been an essential element in any ritual not only esoteric, but even religious. It is not a destructive element, as many think, but it represents the creativity, the passion, the principle of things and the enthusiasm before the companies and difficult missions that we undertake in our lives.

Since ancient times man has spent a lot of time observing the fire, and some have managed to glimpse past events, present and even future in their flames.

Velomancy is a divinatory technique in which the seer will concentrate on observing the flame and wax falling from a candle, which will ignite by asking a specific question, so that the universe responds through this energetic channel.

Velomancy or candle reading

I can offer you this service, for more information click here


7 Sep

Launch offer.Now you can call me from 11 to 16 September at +34 91 075 7315 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Spain time) and you will have your first free card reading.

The cost of the call to the user will depend on the origin of the call, and the contract established with your telephone company, being totally free tarot service under the conditions established in the offer.

* Promotion valid only for your first call, from 11 to 16 September, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. ( Spain time) and online only at +34 91 0757315.